About us

About us

Family always comes first

In 2000, my father took me under his wing and slowly began to teach me his trade. The beginning was exciting because the work, we were carrying out then, started and finished in the sky. We travelled a lot, we went over almost all continents, met plenty of people and were in gorgeous places. It was a memorable time.

Blacksmith work, assembly of giant elements, work at heights or difficult operations of construction machinery became our daily routine. We gradually got through all possible positions, experienced career progression – we used to be fitters, team leaders, supervisors as well as managers, we gained experience at planning large-scale projects, compiling calculations and budgets as well. In 2021, my father and I eventually decided to set up our own business and to apply this wide and rich experience of our longstanding practice.

We have hit our own road because we would like to provide services at the highest level

After so many years, although, it was not an easy decision, but leaving the company, that literally raised us, was a necessary step in some way. We have hit our own road – attractive, interesting and nothing but ours. We are creating our new success with people and partners who you can rely on.

The surname of our family is the guarantee of 100% quality and certainty.